A Profession of Faith

The following text is the Profession of Faith of confirmation student Steven Flanagan from the Palm Sunday Sunday Worship Service. May it enlighten your faith.


Profession of Faith

I can’t remember the first time I came to this church because I was only 10 months old! But since then I have a lot of wonderful memories from this church. The first thing I remember about this church was Sunday school. Through the very first class I started my wonderful journey of faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. I learned all about Noah’s Ark with all the animals getting on the magnificent boat and all about Easter with the Holy Resurrection of our Lord. I can’t forget about the Christmas story with the birth of Jesus. Yep a lot of good memories through Sunday School. I hope some of you still remember the old church before we had this great sanctuary. With the little folding chairs and the two bathrooms in the back. And when the youth room was the church kitchen. Wow, how far this church has come in the past few years. Like the Church’s growth in size, my growth in faith has come very far since I first started coming here. I learned the true meaning of Christmas wasn’t just Santa; it was the holy birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. And the true meaning of Easter wasn’t just to get candy in the Easter egg hunt, but that it was the resurrection of Jesus.

I am so incredibly grateful that God put His own Son on the line to save me from my sins so I can live in heaven with Him. It makes me feel wonderful that God loves us so much that he would sacrifice His Son on a cross to save me and everyone from their sins. From the time Jesus said his last words on the cross, Salvation has been mine.

The Bible verse I chose for my conformation is Psalm 23: 4-5: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for you are with me your rod and staff comforts me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy’s; you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows.” This verse occurred to me when I was most afraid of something, or when I didn’t know what to do, it reminded me that God was always with me, even in my darkest hour He is with me.

As you have seen every time you leave, the sign says “You are now entering the mission field.” It is up to the Christians in this world to spread the Word of God. And I’ve heard action speaks louder than words. So just like pastor has said over and over again it’s not enough to just say the words, I am a Christian, you have to go out and speak the Word of God to the world and be His witness. With help from God we can spread the Word at every opportunity we get. By me becoming a communicant member in this wonderful congregation gives me more strength to go and spread God’s Word to the world.

Thank you for being a part of my Profession of Faith. It means the world to me that I am about to be a recipient of The Lords Supper and support this congregation.

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