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July 2013



This past Thursday, our nation celebrated it’s 237th birthday! Congratulations America!

There’s so many ways we can define Freedom. But there is only one Freedom that you can possess that sets you free regardless of your circumstances in life.  It goes beyond what the government is or isn’t doing.

This freedom comes from having a dependence on God alone! There are those who want us to take God out of every area of life. What they don’t seem to understand is that our founding Fathers understood that if God wasn’t with us as a nation, we wouldn’t last for long, and so references to God fill their writings and are a big part of our history as a nation. Even our money still proclaims, “In God We Trust!” Psalm 33:12 says it so well, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!” Here are four gifts of freedom worth remembering.

FREEDOM FROM SIN.  Paul wrote in   Romans 6:6-7 and 14, “For we know that our old self was crucified with Him so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin–because anyone who has died has been freed from sin. For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.” Without the saving grace of the Almighty creator’s hand in sending His One and Only Son to take our punishment, sin would eat us alive!

The second great gift of freedom is: FREEDOM FROM OPPRESSION. When we turn our lives over to Jesus Christ, there is nothing that can hold us down! Jesus won the victory over sin, death and Satan! Because of what He did for us, we are truly free! We must claim that victory!

It’s because of Jesus Christ that we also have FREEDOM FROM RELIGIOUS BONDAGE. There are many in our nation that don’t believe in Jesus Christ. They feel they don’t need Him, and they criticize those of us who do believe. We’re sinful and don’t always put having a relationship with an Almighty God as our first and only priority in life!  Each and every day we need to be in prayer and the study of God’s Word so we can gain direction from Him and not be hurt by unkindness shown to us. We need to respond in love!

TRUE FREEDOM IS ONLY GAINED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.  This true freedom only comes through a personal relationship with Christ. It’s a relationship where you have called out to God and asked for forgiveness for your sins. By faith you believe that He has done what He promises to do. True Freedom is knowing this beyond a shadow of a doubt! Nothing in life gives you True Freedom except Jesus Christ living in you.

TRUE FREEDOM WILL BRING ABOUT TRANSFORMATION IN YOUR LIFE. In Jesus Christ, you are free to experience the fullness of God.  He is your Creator and Provider!  You are made new and different! You are free to show the faithfulness of God shown to you in the gift of Jesus Christ as you show and speak your faith to others!

Let the Freedom of Christ reign in your

heart today! In faith, give Him YOURSELF knowing He loves you and gives you

Freedom now and for eternity!

Pastor Norm Milz



The Lord’s Prayer is a very big part of our worship each time we pray. Many of us learned and memorized it at an early age. By repeating it in worship week after week, it is very precious to us, but sometimes it seems as though not only are the words known, but also all the breaks and pauses!

We have just begun a sermon series two weeks ago looking at the words and thoughts of the Lord’s Prayer. Hopefully, the series will cause each of us to focus our attention on this prayer and realize what we are saying each week.

The schedule for the remaining parts is listed below:

07/07 – “Thy Will be done on earth as it

is in Heaven.”

07/14 – “Give us this day our daily


07/21 – “Forgive us our trespasses, as

we forgive those who trespass against us.”

07/28 – “Lead us not into Temptation”

08/04 – “But Deliver us from Evil.

08/11 – “For Thine is the Kingdom, and

the Power, and the Glory forever and ever.”

08/18 – “Amen!”

Because this is summer, and many of you will be on vacation visiting family and friends, please know this series will be on our website,, along with the bulletin insert for notes and an audio file so you can listen to the message and not miss anything.

It’s our goal to be of as much assistance to you as much as we can!

May God bless us as we focus on how Jesus our Savior taught us to pray.


Birthdays in July:

Liz Burnside – July 1

Karen Elliot – July 3

Jeff Dinsmore – July 4

Kris Caddy – July 6

Jimmy Boeder – July 9

Joann Markwardt – July 15

Connor Love – July 18

Nan Monteith – July 24

Dave Colon – July 25

James Markwardt – July 25

Jake Tessmann – July 25

Ed Irvin – July 29

Anniversaries in July:

Richard & Nancy Varner – July 3 (10 years)

Norm & Karon Brauer – July 4 (43 years)

Ron & Carolee Burglan – July 7 (40 years)

Russ & Karen Elliot – July 7 (37 years)

Chuck & Debbie Moore – July 14 (40 years)

Ron & Liz Burnside – July 25 (26 years)

John & Karin Ediss – July 27 (16 years)

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