Stand Firm No Matter What

Stand Firm No Matter What

As God’s people, we’re on a constant collision course with the world! The world sees the God we know and believe, just as another being and not worthy of even noticing. They see Christianity as a weak, pointless life of faith. This past week, the Supreme Court ruled against what has been considered marriage, i.e. between a man and a woman, and has given the go-ahead for marriage to occur between members of the same sex. This seems to create a divide between what God has said and what our nation feels is right. It is a comment on the moral decline of the nation as a whole.

God asks us to stand firm in faith and follow His commands. We are to hold His Will closely in our hearts and put it above everything else the world might believe. This does not put us in an easy position,  but it’s a situation we need to face with love, compassion, and willingness because we know that God might hate the sin, but He still truly loves the sinner! As we meet those who might not share our views, we need to follow His example of true love and grace for everyone, no matter what. Everyone is a part of His creation!

Pastor Norm Milz

Posted: July 2, 2013 / Categories: Pastor's Blog
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