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Streaming to Our Goal

Streaming to Our Goal

Illustration of the streaming setup

Streaming Vision

Vision Statement

To “stream” our services and events, or our charge to spread the Gospel, to our members, to our community and to the world. 

What does it mean to stream?

As other churches have done, we put our services, our bible studies, weddings, our Celebrations of Life, our piano recitals and more on the internet by using the technology we have and adding more?

We have a beautiful facility here that people are asking to use. We can even monetize the use of the facility and use of the equipment.

What equipment do we need?

We already have a sound board.  So we need a piece of hardware to let the soundboard talk to a computer, a computer, a camera, software and cabling to get it all together.

We want to start small so for now with just one camera. As we progress and grow, we budget and add other cameras and maybe even monitors in this room to display songs, hymns and sermon notes.


So what are we asking/doing  today?

Today we are starting the “Fill the Stream Campaign”. Because we haven’t budgeted the money in the annual capital budget, we would like to do a fund raiser outside the budget.  If you think this is a good idea, we would like you to contribute to the fund.  If you have funds sitting undecided in the churches memorial fund and you think this is a good idea if you would direct it to this fund, it will help us move on the vision.



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