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Sierra Lutheran High School

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Sierra Lutheran High is a Christian School that is directed by the word of God and welcomes all students. The SLHS Association churches, board and staff dedicate themselves to providing a personalized and impactful learning experience that challenges students to use their many God given gifts and talents. Our students are expected to become, productive, literate and faithful citizens in the world in which God has placed them.

Shepherd of the Sierra is a strong supporter of the Sierra Lutheran High School. Their mission and values reflect who we are. 

Melissa Karges

Melissa Asmamaw

Serving in Ethiopia

Melissa Asmamaw (nee Karges) hails from Dayton, NV and is currently serving the Lord at Bingham Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is part of a team bringing quality Christian education to the city. She also is given the opportunity to care for the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of students from all over the world at the school.


The Dickies

 Serving in New Guinea

Dr. Martin and Marie Dickie are serving the Lord as missionaries in Papua New Guinea. Martin is following in the footsteps of his parents who served there for 20 years. He teaches music at Timothy Lutheran Seminary in Birip. He develops worship resources for the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church, leads workshops on worship and music, and helps develop religious literature for the church. Marie has worked as a choir director, preschool director and music teacher.
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Serving in Uruguay

Gabriela is currently working with Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones through the Lutheran Hour Ministries sharing the love of Christ with the people of Uruguay.


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