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Let’s Make A Change

We’ve just been through a very difficult time in our nation. Two sides have argued, criticized, and fought each other forgetting why they were placed in government. Our Constitution states that their role is to act for the people who elected them and not themselves. As of this evening they have agreed to have the […]

Posted: July 9, 2017 / Categories: Featured Post, Pastor's Blog

Podcast Update

Did you miss out on Easter? Traveling? Sick? Just couldn’t make it? Well you’re in luck! We have sermons as audio or if you like reading we have the text too. We have you covered. Just hop on over to our Resources page or hop over to iTunes and find exactly what you were looking […]

Posted: March 19, 2016 / Categories: Featured Post

New Website Construction

Pardon the mess as we sort out getting our new website up and running. Have you ever been to a building while they are doing construction. Well the same thing is happening right now on our website. We are sorry if you run into a dead end or dead link. Some things might be missing […]

Posted: December 23, 2012 / Categories: Featured Post