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Let’s Make A Change

We’ve just been through a very difficult time in our nation. Two sides have argued, criticized, and fought each other forgetting why they were placed in government. Our Constitution states that their role is to act for the people who elected them and not themselves. As of this evening they have agreed to have the […]

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Professions of Faith 2014

The following audio and texts are the Professions of Faith of our confirmation students from the Palm Sunday Sunday Worship Service. We are very happy to be able to let you listen and read the wonderful professions of faith that they have presented this year.   Austin Mitchell – Listen I believe in what I […]

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Stand Firm No Matter What

Stand Firm No Matter What As God’s people, we’re on a constant collision course with the world! The world sees the God we know and believe, just as another being and not worthy of even noticing. They see Christianity as a weak, pointless life of faith. This past week, the Supreme Court ruled against what […]

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One Generation Away!

One Generation Away! The church is always one generation away from extinction! God needs each living generation to read, study, proclaim and pass on His Word and the faith we have to the next generation. This work has never been easy, especially in such a hostile world. Pictures of Jesus are being removed from schools […]

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A Profession of Faith

The following text is the Profession of Faith of confirmation student Steven Flanagan from the Palm Sunday Sunday Worship Service. May it enlighten your faith.   Profession of Faith I can’t remember the first time I came to this church because I was only 10 months old! But since then I have a lot of […]

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